Research Seminar on: Drug Use & HIV/AIDS Treatment Cascades, Overlaps & Iintersections

Prof: Debarchana Ghosh presenting

The Department of Geography, Geo-Informatics and Climatic Sciences together with the College of Computing & Information Sciences hosted Professor Debarchana Ghosh from the Department of Geography, University of Connecticut USA. She is here on a collaborative program between the Department and the University of Connecticut USA. Professor Debarchana gave a presentation during a research seminar on the theme:”DRUG USE AND HIV/AIDS TREATMENT CASCADES, OVERLAPS AND INTERSECTIONS. The seminar took place Friday 6th September, 2019 between 12pm to 1pm at the College of Computing and information sciences (COCIS) Conference Hall (Block A 4th floor).

Among the guests was Prof: Tonny Oyana principal COCIS, Assoc Prof: Frank Mugagga, Chair D-GGCS  and many  other teaching and none teaching staff members  and  graduate students.

Dr.Paul Mukwaya (DGGCS), Assoc Prof.Frank Mugagga (Chair DGGCS), Prof. Tonny Oyana (Principal COCIS) & Dr.Daniel Waiswa (DGGSC) during  seminar


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