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Uganda Geographical Association is an umbrella Association that brings together all professional geographers and related disciplines such as environmental management, tourism, forestry, urban planning, economics, geology etc. UGA was established in the 1960s and was very vibrant in 1970 but become inactive during the late 1990s. In November 2012, a group of Geographers organized a Geography seminar which was hosted by Bishop Stuart University in Mbarara to revive Uganda Geographical Association. This was followed by another seminar at Makerere University in November 2013 during which geographers from all backgrounds and regions of the country agreed to revive the Uganda Geographical Association.  UGA was revived on 13/06/2014 with the election of the executive committee.



“Aim High: The peak is not the Limit.”


“To develop professional geographers that can meet the present and future challenges”


 Objectives that are in the UGA strategic plan;

  1. To advance and promote the teaching, study, and application of geography at all levels of the education system in Uganda.
  2. To promote and coordinate advanced research in geographical sciences and related   environmental disciplines.
  • To actively engage in the dissemination of geographical information and skills through the organization of regular Conferences, Workshops and Seminars; as well as the publication of Reports, Journals and Scientific Reviews
  1. To prioritize and promote Field Work Studies in all parts of Uganda on pertinent issues affecting the country as the essential foundation of developing the discipline and the perception of geography.
  2. To pro-actively host relevant networks of national, regional and international geographical interest



Membership to UGA, is open to anyone with a degree in geography or any related discipline like geology, Meteorology,  environment, tourism, Forestry, agriculture, botany, Zoology, petroleum, ecology, economics, statistics, land use, urban and regional planning among others. Membership of the Uganda Geographical Association is grouped into the following categories:

  1. Individual membership,

Ordinary membership of UGA is open to any professional geographer in Uganda, who submits an application for membership to the Secretary of the Association; and has paid membership fee. Individual membership fees is 50,000/= and this is paid once when someone is joining UGA


  1. Institutional Membership;

Institutional membership is open to all Schools, Colleges, Universities, Libraries, Public or Business Institutions that applies for membership of the UGA. The institutions that  have subscribed to UGA are the only ones eligible to get involved in UGA activities like hosting and organizing UGA conferences, seminars, workshops, publications, research etc. For any institution to become a member of UGA, it has to pay membership fees of 200,000/= and get registered with the secretariat. Membership fees are also paid once.

  • External Membership

This is open to geographers and institutions whose addresses are outside Uganda, either by invitation or through expressed interest and application for membership. The external membership fees are 200 US dollars.

  1. Honorary Membership

These are distinguished persons in the community, whose nomination by the Executive Committee is approved by the Annual Conference of the UGA. At least two honorary members shall be nominated by the Executive Committee every year. One of the honorary members becomes the patron of the Association.


Advantages/ benefits of being a member of the Association

Membership of the UGA comes with the following benefits


  • Acknowledgement of a status of a geographer and related disciplines.
  • Access to a professionally recognized body
  • Opportunities for networking with members of the association in Uganda and the rest of the world
  • Being able to publish papers and articles in the association’s journal
  • Being able to carry out fieldwork and outreach programs with other association members
  • Be able to carry out basic and applied research with other senior researchers in the association
  • Participating in seminars, workshops and conferences in Uganda and abroad.



  • Discovering nature initiative. There are so many sites in Uganda that are not in text books, they are not known and yet can have great potential to enhance the development of the Country. UGA is to explore these sites, map and advertize them for tourism and nature related activities.
  • Carrying out research on important and pertinent aspects affecting our communities, write articles and publish books, newsletters etc.
  • Organizing public lectures and debates on pertinent issues affecting humanity such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, landslides, floods, soil erosion and sedimentation, land degradation, regional development, ecosystems management, urbanization and settlements, transport patterns and challenges, weather forecasting, population growth and development, geology and soils, water scarcity, food security among others.
  • UGA also conducts basic and applied research on such issues and make publications. The association also organizes seminars, workshops and conferences in different parts of the country.
  • Organizing field work activities and outreach programs where members will always try to study and write on the trends of growth and development of different areas in Uganda, and the rest of East Africa. . These will benefit all tour guides, companies and students.
  • Periodic retooling/ training courses for geography teachers as well as other public servants.


Partnerships and collaborations

  • UGA intends to form partnerships with other organizations like UTB, KCCA, MTN, AIRTEL, UBOS, NAADS, Lands and Survey, Consultant firms, Financial Institutions, NEMA, URA, NFA, UWA, NARO, UPDF, RED CROSS etc. For example, UGA will seek partnership with UTB in promoting tourism activities. . Partner with KCCA in beautifying the hinterland and educating its inhabitants because the food for Kampala is got from the hinterland.   Collaborate with MTN or any other company in organizing Marathon events in upcountry areas instead of only concentrating in Kampala.  Support NEMA in promoting environmental awareness within our communities. UGA will also partner with RED CROSS in disaster management and related issues among others.

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