New publication by UGA member Wealth from Plastic Waste by Kenneth Tumusiime
This book gives the highlights on several types and categories of plastics, demonstrates how pervasive the issues of plastics have become in our environment and goes further to show how the problems coused by mismanagement of plastics can be alleviated. see prophoto.

The new elected executive members awaiting the swearing ceremony

During the general assembly was held on Friday 05th July 2019 at Conference Hall, School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences Makerere University. The General Secretary presented a comprehensive report in regards to the milestones achieved by the outgoing executive members who had served from August 2014 to 2019, including; officially registering the association with URSB (in Uganda) and International Geographical Union (IGU), registering association members, opening bank account with DFCU Bank, field excursion in Bunyoro, organizing memorial lecture for Dr. F.D.K Bagoora (RIP), workshop in Kyambogo University, worked with other Geographical and Environmental organizations for Geography subject to be maintained among Science Subjects in NCDC and participated in AARSE Conference.

The outgoing General Secretary, President and chairman Electoral commission during the meeting.

The outgoing executive leaders thanked the association members for being active and urged them to continue engaging in association activities with the new cabinet that would be elected. Specifically, the outgoing President and General Secretary to urged the new cabinet members to Interest fresh graduates to join the association, strengthen linkages with the new Universities, Strengthen publications e.g news letters, Field work, Mobilise more members especially teachers’ groups, Geography book in honor of late Bagoora, Reviving the UGA Journal, Recognising senior members of UGA and Organising annual tutoring courses.

The outgoing President (Prof. Fredrick Tuwmine R.) hand over to the President elect (Prof. Frank Mugagga)
The interactive discussion session

The elections were conducted successfully under the guidance of Dr. Abel Nzabona as Chairman Electoral commission. As shown in Table 1, the newly elected executive members were sworn under the leadership of the new President, Prof. Frank Mugagga. The out going executive members handed over instruments of power under the leadership of the Prof. Fredrick Tumwine Ruguma to the newly elected executive members. The president-elect, Prof Frank Mugagga presented his acceptance speech where he thanked members for nominating him (unopposed) and expounded to use his position to better the visibility of the association and deliver according to the objectives of the association.

General assembly during the voting session

Table 1: The outgoing and incoming cabinet executive members for Uganda Geographical Association (UGA)

No UGA Positions Outgoing Executive members (2014-2019) Incoming Executive members (2019-2024)
1 President Prof. Fredrick Tumwine R. Prof. Frank Mugagga
2 Vice President Prof. Wambede Nabalegwa Mr. Derek Muhwezi
3 General Secretary Dr. Nseka Denis G. Mr. Mbaziira James
4 Assistant Secretary Mr. Opedes Hosea Dr. Waswa Hannington
5 Treasurer Dr. Joy Tukahirwa Mr. Opedes Hosea
6 Assistant Tresurer Dr. Ayiine Robert Ms. Farida Nalwanga
7 Chief Editor Prof. Kagenda Atwooki Prof. Fredrick Tumwine R.
8 Fieldwork Coordinator Prof. Frank Mugagga Dr. Nseka Denis G.
9 Teachers’ representative Mr. Mbaziira James Mr. Were David
10 Committee member One Ms. Namboyera Milly Ms. Gloria Nakyagaba Nsangi
11 Committer member Two Ms. Akullo Teopista Mr. Godwin Atwiine
Dr. Nseka Denis G. handing over office to the Elected General Secretary Mr. Opedes H. welcomes Ms. Nalwanga F. to the office of Assistant Treasurer