Frank Mugagga

Frank has a PhD (Environmental Geography) from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa; Mphil (Development Studies-Geography Specialization) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management from Makerere University, Uganda. His research interests are:  land use change, rural/urban services/livelihood systems, global environmental change, climate change vulnerability and adaptation and natural resource governance. He has worked towards enhancing the protection and conservation of forests and agricultural landscapes in and around mountainous areas, notably Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda. Through participatory action and learning strategies, he has helped to enhance grass root communities’ adaptive capabilities and research potentials in climate change vulnerable areas. He has conducted numerous Participatory Action Oriented trainings aimed at increasing awareness about Community Based Adaptation to climate change, strengthening collaboration between stakeholder organizations for enhancement of adaptive capacities and the development of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Plans for Natural resource dependent communities. His recent publications have focused on urban and peri urban agriculture, land use change, pedology and landslide occurrence; livelihood systems and land degradation; horticultural production systems; vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in both rural and urban areas. Frank diligently guides and promotes research students studying Geography, Environmental Science and Land Use and Regional Development courses. He is a member to various international and regional professional networks.

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