Olusegun Oyebola

Oyediran-Olusegun-OYEBOLAOyediran Olusegun OYEBOLA

Dr Oyediran Olusegun OYEBOLA is a Nigerian. He is currently a research fellow to Makerere University through the CIRCLE (Climate Impacts Research Capacity Leadership Enhancement) Cohort 3 programme of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, executed by the African Academy of Science (AAS). Dr Oyebola is a Lecturer in the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. He teaches, conduct research and carry out community development in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management with special interest in fish genetics, breeding, biotechnology, climate change, and management of aquatic environments. His fellowship is based on the research project titled “Farmers awareness, Indigenous Resilience and Development of Sustainable Holistic Genomic Markers on Farmed Clarias gariepinus’ Invasion in Response to Impacts of Climatic Change”.

For more details, you are welcome to see Oyebola’s abridged CV here

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