Our Strategic Actions/Objectives

Our Strategic Actions


  1. Mobilization of funding for research through competitive grants for students, research fellows and faculty
  2. Wider dissemination of research results and policy engagements
  3. Increased participation of departmental staff in events, conferences and workshops both national and international through their services to the professional and society
  4. Functional research labs and new interdisciplinary research programs
  5. Increased literacy and competency of students and department in computer and IT for E-learning, communication and research
  6. Enhanced use of Geo-information technology in spatial analysis and research by students and lecturers

Our Strategic Objectives


  • Promote the stature of the department from local to global levels
  • Enhance the scholarship in traditional and emerging scholarly areas that prepares scientifically competent students
  • strengthen the quality of undergraduate and graduate programs to equip students with high personal and professional skills
  • Sustain and conduct trans-disciplinary research contributing to the advancement of geographical knowledge.
  • Enhance the intellectual and collegial atmosphere for discourse and contribution to international scholarship
  • Enhance and optimize the use of information technology to improve teaching learning, research and public engagement,