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Graduate Students

Hosea Opedes
Hosea Opedes,PhD Student

Hosea holds Master’s Degree in Geography and B.A in Geography from Makerere University\nKampala (Uganda).

His research interests are embedded in application of physical and environmental concepts in sustainable management of stream/river banks, drainage basins and watersheds, community resilience to environmental shocks. As Graduate Fellow, He has worked jointly with the senior researchers in the Department in several projects especially Volkswagen Stiftung (in River Rwizi Catchment) and Sida (in Eastern and South Western Uganda) Projects. These projects aimed at enhancing community resilience and adaptation to climate change and environmental shocks. He diligently guides undergraduate students in the department during their fieldwork excursions. Hosea has been selected to pursue a PhD at Waginengen University, courtesy of a new project “Restoring Resilience & Stimulating Stewardship of the Manafwa Watershed (MWARES Project)”.

Currently he is a member of various international and national professional bodies and networks. He is serving as a Treasurer, Uganda Geographical Association and a member of International Geographical Union (IGU). 

Jesse Kisembe
Jesse Kisembe,Graduate Student

Jesse Kisembe is a research assistant within the Department of Geography, Geo-informatics and Climatic Sciences at Makerere University. His professional background is in meteorology with specific interest in regional climate modelling and remote sensing data applications. He is currently working on the HyCRISTAL project, evaluating the ability of Global Climate Models to capture contemporary climate variability to ascertain their credibility for making projections over East Africa. 

Rhoda Nakabugo
Rhoda Nakabugo,Graduate Student

Rhoda Nakabugo is a graduate student currently working as a research assistant in the Department of Geography, Geo-informatics and Climatic Sciences at Makerere University. Her professional education background is in meteorology with interests in Earth observation data techniques, climate change and how it affects water resources. She is also working as an Early Career Researcher on the HyCRISTAL consortium under Future Climate for Africa. 

Ingrid Martha Kintu
Ingrid Martha Kintu,Graduate Student

Ingrid Martha Kintu is a Research Assistant on a joint project between Makerere University and the University of Dundee using geospatial technologies to quantify the extent of environmental degradation in Bidi Bidi and Kyangwali refugee settlements in Northern and Western Uganda respectively, working with Assoc. Prof. Yazidhi Bamutaze. Her professional background is in Land Management and Geomatics with specific interest in remote sensing and leveraging earth observation to inform sustainable development. An industry thought leader and technological evangelist, Ingrid intends to create awareness about the power of open geospatial technology and the myriad of obstacles it can overcome especially in low and middle income countries.

Ritah Nakanjako, Graduate Student

Ritah Pavin Nakanjako graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Makerere University Kampala. She is a graduate student currently working as a Research Assistant in the Department of Geography, Geo-informatics and Climatic Science under the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in Makerere University.

Ritah has attended several training in ArcGIS, Remote Sensing, software and hydrology and is mainly interested in pursuing further studies in Earth Observation Systems in relation to ArcGIS and Remote Sensing.