Kihembo CathelineKihembo Catheline I am a student of Makerere University pursuing Bachelor of Science in meteorology and am in my second year. I am really proud to be a meteorologist.

Ogwal SamOgwal Sam

I am a second year student in Makerere doing B.Sc. meteorology, I admired meteorology when I started working with aviation industry. Weather was my major challenge, so I wanted to know much and much about weather.
Nakyembe NoelineNakyembe Noeline I am a second year student, Makerere University Pursuing BSc meteorology.
Nanvuma MargaretNanvuma Margaret A second year student offering B.Sc. Meteorology at Makerere University. I really love and appreciate nature. I got inspired of meteorology to learn more about nature and surely I have, And so, please respect the environment and appreciate nature.
Nakasaga MariaNakasaga Maria A second year student doing B.Sc. Meteorology at Makerere University. I love travelling and discovering new and amazing ideas.
Seru MubarakSeru Mubarak My name is Seru Mubarak an inspired weather scientist. To me, this is an amazing career, the course gives clear view of the planet earth, makes one appreciate the beauty of science. Atmosphere is the definition of life on a planet, DID YOU KNOW?
Badebye JoanBadebye Joan I am Badebye Joan A 2nd year student doing B.Sc. meteorology, the increasing effect of climate change worldwide, Especially in my country UGANDA made me love to study more about it.
Okau PatriciaOkau Patricia I am Okau Patricia a 2nd year student, Makerere University, Pursuing B.SC. Meteorology. Am so passionate about meteorology because besides it being my career, I can also save people’s lives from weather calamities.
Nangoli Drake WasikeNangoli Drake Wasike I am a Second year student pursuing B.SC Meteorology at Makerere University. Am interested in cosmology, fascinated by new insights into our universe and the diverse mechanisms controlling everyday reality, hence an unquestionable love for what meteorological sciences have to offer.
Ariho EugeneAriho Eugene I am Ariho Eugene taking Bachelors of Science in Meteorology.  I chose Meteorology because I like travelling and discovering what is in the atmosphere.
Nyakecho JosephineNyakecho Josephine I am Nyakecho Jos ephine a student of Bachelor of Science in meteorology second year. I love meteorology, And am so passionate about studying the earth and its weather.
Ogwal JoshuaOgwal Joshua I am Ogwal Joshua, A second year student of Makerere University, Pursuing Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. I got so inspired and interested in doing the course because of aviation meteorology, Where I want to specialize in aeronautics and know more about it.

Twinomugisha ApolloTwinomugisha Apollo

I am Twinomugisha Apollo A second year student pursuing bachelors of Science in Meteorology at Makerere University. I got inspired to doing meteorology looking on the over increasing climate change on a local and global scale basis, with the few  insights I have gained, I feel am  gradually  becoming  part of the solution to that problem.