Namuyanja Rehema

Am a first year student undertaking Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.

I love nature and it is fascinating watching the different shapes and forms nature evolves in.

Five years down the road I see myself affiliated with the Aviation system and probably venturing into the piloting section.


Emiku Alfred

I would like to study weather measurements and motions of the atmosphere, changing events within it so that weather prediction can be done for sustainability. This helps the public to power better plans each day and reduce human and economic losses. information. I therefore have the urge to understand how the physical world especially the atmosphere and oceans work. My ambition for that matter, is to become a research meteorologist who will be working with National Weather Service or other government agencies. I’m so passionate about human and economic losses caused by these devastating events that are weather related and this is the driving force behind my career as an upcoming meteorologist. I love reading and playing games like football, I love socializing and sharing life experiences with the purpose of becoming a better person.
BOGERE TONY LOUISTony Louis A BMT student, very passionate about the skies and all that it has to offer mostly the space and stars. I hope to become a first star pilot well informed with the meteorological academia. I hope to also become a climate expert because I believe climate is an issue that is to affect us for times to come.
ODONGO RONALDRONALD ODONGO I am doing BS in Meteorology actually am just proud to take up this education program and I hoped to become a pilot who is a research meteorologist but perhaps my dream is to be
KISIRA DAVID ISAAC KISIRA DAVID A first student in BMT interested in forecasting and weather modeling career wise, am also passionate about global evangelism changing souls through the word of God. I love Music which is mainly life changing.
GIBOGI WYCLIFFGibogi Wycliff A first year student at maker ere pursuing a BSC in meteorology. I aim at becoming one of the best international broad cast meteorologist broad casting weather on international television stations, after the course I also hoped at extending my studies say do more courses like aero engineering and piloting. Am very passionate at knowing more about internet and research. My hobbies, watching soccer, listening to music
NKUSI MOSES MWEBAZANkusi Moses Mwebaza A first year student doing Bsc in Meteorology. At the end of this course I want to do research and forecasting on media including lots of meteorological documents and talk shows on climate data of different regions of the world. And since I love travelling, I plan to broaden my studies and research to a Global scale. I am passionate about science and that is why I always want to find out what happens in other fields of science besides meteorology. Besides studies, I like listening to music, playing video games, watching movies and documentaries and also doing charity.
ABIGABA CLAIREClaire Abigaba A first year student doing a programme in Bsc Meteorology. Interested in collecting weather data, analyzing and explaining it professionally to the public. Love adventure and finding more about nature.
DANIEL KIRUNDADaniel Kirunda A first year student at Makerere University taking on Bsc. Meteorology.

I hope to be an Aero Meteorologist in future but generally am passionate about Aero-Science.

Am also interested in swimming, hiking and playing soccer.

BUREGEYA ONESMUSBuregeya Onesmus A first year student of Bsc Meteorology.

I am also passionate about space because of the way it is made and what is in it. I hope to become a research meteorologist because of the way climate is constantly changing now and then.

I would mostly love to deal with the relationship of weather with agriculture.

NAKANJAKO RITAH PAVINNakanjako Ritah Pavin Am passionate about reading, researching but mainly broadcasting. I want to be an international weather broadcaster but observing weather changes and climate also fascinates me a lot. In otherwards being a climatologist has also crossed my mind. Reading, touring and watching movies are my hobbies.


SEMPA ALEX KIMUME Sempa Alex Kimume A first year student in Bsc Meteorology. Am a weather observer working with Uganda National Meteorological Authority and weather presenting for UBC Television English news telecast.

My desire is to specialize and expertise in climate change Science and research alongside satellite imagery interpretation.


Mangeni Jerome

Am a first year student. Am indeed excited about being apart of the meteorology class and am passionate about studying the galaxy.

I want to become an aviation meteorologist.

I like singing.


Sserugunda Jimmy

I am a first year student pursuing Bsc Meteorology at Makerere University.

After my degree, I see myself working in World Meteorological Organisation in department of consultation about weather changes and forecasting climate changes world wide.