VISION: To be a center of excellence in generating, management and transferring of geographical (spatial) and climate science knowledge to promote sustainable development.

MISSION: To advance high quality education and training, pursue excellence in spatial and climate sciences research and provide community outreach services to meet society needs that contribute to sustainable development. checkout Unsecured loans 4u
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Strategic Objectives

  1. Promote the stature of the department from local to global levels.
  2. Enhance scholarship in traditional and emerging scholarly areas that prepare scientifically competent students.
  3. Strengthen the quality of academic programs to equip students with high personal and professional skills.
  4. Sustain and conduct trans-disciplinary research that contributes to the advancement of geographical knowledge.
  5. Enhance the intellectual and collegial atmosphere for discourse and contribution to international scholarship.
  6. Enhance and optimize the use of geo-information technology to improve teaching/learning, research and public engagement.


Strategic Actions

  1. Mobilisation of funds for research, training and outreach.
  2. Increase the dissemination of research results.
  3. Increase participation of departmental staff in scientific and public events.
  4. Strengthen research labs and facilities for research and teaching/learning.
  5. Facilitate the use of geo-information technology in spatial analysis and meteorological applications.