PELIBIGO project Research Planning Workshop hosted at Makerere University, Kampala Uganda, 11-13/July/2016
» » PELIBIGO project Research Planning Workshop hosted at Makerere University, Kampala Uganda, 11-13/July/2016

PELIBIGO project Research Planning Workshop hosted at Makerere University, Kampala Uganda, 11-13/July/2016

The Department of Geography, Geo-Informatics & Climatic Sciences (DGGCS) is coordinating a multi disciplinary project titled Capacity building to promote sustainable governance of petroleum resources, biodiversity and livelihoods in East African communities – PELIBIGO which brings together partners from University of Dodoma(UDOM)-Tanzania, Norwagian University of Science and Technology(NTNU)-Norway and Norwagian University of Life Science(NMBU)-Norway.The project is funded by the Energy and Petroleum Programme (EnPe) of NORAD,Norway.

The project was motivated by the ongoing oil and gas exploration in Uganda and Tanzania for commercial production to spur socio-economic growth and development. Of concern are criticisms from the current and future oil and gas activities from environmentalists, human rights activists and livelihoods due to the numerous socio-ecological challenges which if not addressed may lead to marginalization, environmental degradation and increasing poverty levels. These challenges are exacerbated by weak institutional capacities and lack of skilled workforce. Thus, through this project new education and research programs will be designed to address the often conflicting claims between biodiversity conservation, livelihood security and petroleum exploration and production.

At this meeting, partners as well as beneficiary Masters and PhD students discussed a range of issues pertaining research themes and processes.See Attached

Prof. Goret Nabanoga, Deputy Principal- CAES and Gender Focal Point for the PELIBIGO project shared tips on how to engender the project activities.

Project Goal
Strengthened Higher Education Institutions (Makerere University – MAK and University of Dodoma – UDOM) with strengthened educational systems and research capabilities in the oil and gas sector in East Africa.

Project Objectives

  1. Capacity building through Masters, PhD and Post Doctoral training at MAK and UDOM
  2. Library and Institutional capacity building at MAK and UDOM through Staff training/exchange and infrastructure
  3. Project administration and capacity building at UDOM
  4. Gender mainstreaming as an integral part of all project activities

Achievements to far

  • 4 Masters’ students (2 from Uganda and 2 from Tanzania) admitted at NTNU starting academic year 2016/17
  • 1 Masters’ student supported under the postdoctoral research at Makerere University
  • 1 PhD student supported and admitted at Makerere University
  • 2 PhD students supported and admitted at UDOM
  • Refurbishment of DGGCS library
  • Research Focus Areas

  • Governance/Transparency and CSR issues
  • Socio-economic/livelihoods impacts (direct and indirect)
  • Environmental impacts (land use, biodiversity – flora and fauna, water and air pollution)
  • Gender issues within the oil and Gas sector
  • Doreen Mrimi
    Ms. Doreen Mrimi, a PhD student at UDOM presenting her proposed research focusing on “the impact of gas and petroleum exploitation to livelihood security in Mtwara and Lindi regions of Tanzania”
    Paddy B Kinyera
    Mr.Paddy B Kinyera, a PhD candidate from the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) at the University of Bayreuth -Germany, who is mentored by Dr.Frank Mugagga and currently hosted at DGGCS sharing tips on how to manage a PhD research project. .
    CAROL AbodaCarol
    Ms. Caroline Aboda (PhD candidate at MAK) presenting her proposed work focusing on “vulnerability of women under the current oil and gas development in Albertine region of Uganda”
    Ms.Leonida Tibakunirwa (MA.Geography student at MAK) is also supported under the postdoctoral research component of the project.

    Future activities- Competence Building Activities

  • Reviewing of MA (LURD) programme
  • Short courses focusing on oil and governance
  • Development of a Regional Masters’ programme in Oil and Gas Governance, hosted at UDOM
  • 2 more students from UDOM to be admitted to Masters programme at MNBU in 2017/18 academic year
  • Project Team:
    >> Dr. F. Mugagga -MAK
    >> Prof. G. Nabanoga – MAK
    >> Dr. C. Nakakaawa – MAK/NTNU
    >> Prof. J. Nyahongo – UDOM
    >> Prof L. Haakon – NTNU
    >> Prof E. Roskaft – NNTU
    >> Prof P. Vedeld – NMBU
    >> Joanna Boddens –Hossang – NMBU

    Project Partners:


    Agreement Partner: DGGCs, Makerere University
    Coordinator: Dr. Frank Mugagga

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